Showing Data from a Relationship

If I have a relationship, say Movies and Actors.

On the Actor page, I would like to display information about the Movie that the actor is related too.

Short of adding lookup fields on the Actor record, is there another way to show Movie data based on the relationship? Seems very redundant to have to create lookup fields for each piece of data about Movies that I want to show.

In the movie details view you can show an in-line list fed from the actors relation and vica-versa from the actor details view. That would probably be the simplest way if I read you correctly.


On the actors page, let’s say I want to show a genre field from the Movies database as a text field. Outside of the list relation field, or a lookup field, is there any other way to dynamically pull the data from the movie database based on the actor → movie relationship?

Not at this time I’m afraid.

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