Show User Name over a variable image (Cloudinary?)

Hi all :cherry_blossom:
I’m not using Cloudinary yet until absolutely necessary.
I’d like in future evolutions of my app to display an image of user’s favorite drink
with his/her name as label over it (with a friendly hand script font).
The drink will be set in User Profile as a carrousel (like a self-service): can be hot or cold
The label placeholder can be fixed like a bookmark-like, a sticker, a plate with a name stand, I’ll find sth easy to adjust to any name and image.
Can Cloudinary, if Cloudinary it is, mix column values with images?
Thks :cherry_blossom:

As long as you can find the font and logic to put your text on images, Cloudinary can do it.


The master @Robert_Petitto has crafted some excellent examples

Here is one :arrow_down:

You just need to dive and and get creative. Cloudinary is :+1:


I think I’ll show the drink image in the bottom center-left 20 % of this screen. Right in front of the user thumb-zone.
The background will be an abstract armchair with sth to hold the drink.
And the label can be about the size as the actions titles, just big enough to be noticed, small enough to match with the other components.

Will that load properly even with low bandwith?
Is my idea optimized like this? Or would you suggest sth else?

I’m not sure about this, as this is loading from external resources (outside Glide) you must test this to be sure it will work.

Regarding your idea, maybe a visual presentation will be better for me to understand what you want to achieve, but from what you write above Cloudinary can do it.


Indeed, Thks, Rosewebstudio :slight_smile: I’ve come accross one of them. But before investigating further, I needed to check whether my layers were possible without being the central image, but anywhere I want. And with a script font like “Merienda”, since Glide does not yet propose a customizable font for computed texts like User Name.

You can certainly do custom placements of text and image overlays not just central

Found this about fonts

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I don’t know what you drink in winter, but imagine Sharon serving you a hot cocoa (chocolate) with spices in a jumbo cup (the drink fancy name: “Coco Sharon”)
And the placeholder in front of your cup computes “Enjoy your Coco Sharon, ThinhDinh!” written in script font “Merienda”
Can the image be an animated gif for the smoke?
It’s just a symbolic gif, not the final one

Indeed possible, though I’m not using your Merienda font. Sounds like you have to upload it to your own Cloudinary then use it as a parameter in your URL.


Hum. I think a name holder (like in weddings or events) would be more appropriate (and sophisticated): my cup will be 10 times smaller.I can’t find an empty one. No rush.
Like this.
So I’ll just display the drink name on the holder (like the cork here) and the User Name on the card board with the message.

Sometimes the most creative ideas for this come from wedding planners & package deals.

They have Google Fonts! Merienda :star_struck:

Handwriting like with single storey “a”