Simple Cloudinary use case

I’ve been wanting to overlay text on the color images that are available using the Image from Color column, to cram a little more information into list component images.

So far I’ve been able to use templates and Cloudinary to overlay text on a regular image from an Image column, but I’m stuck on how to do it with the generated images. They look like this in the data editor:


I’d like users to be able to change the colors that represent various things in the app, so I don’t want to save a file for each color.

Thanks to @Robert_Petitto and others who have posted more in-depth and interesting uses than this. I hope there’s a simple answer - thanks!

Why not just start with a blank image (stored in your Cloudinary media library), and then pass the colour as a parameter? This is what I do.

If meshes and triangles are not important to you, I would suggest using something like Dummy Image to feed to Cloudinary.

Great! Thanks for the help - just what I was looking for.

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