Manipulate images on the fly with Cloudinary (live stream)

Cloudinary is magic.

Use it to dynamically transform any image on the fly using a template column.

I’ll be live for the next hour giving an overview of Cloudinary. If you missed the stream, it will be available on my YouTube channel indefinitely!

Take a look at the following posts for ideas:


Just spent 3 Flat Whites watching this video.
Great work @Robert_Petitto.
Videos like this teach me so much:

  1. How stuff works
  2. If I can use it
    In this case the answer to two is YES.
    Helps a lot.
    Watch the firt 30 minute to get a good overview of the options of Cloudinary!

Thanks for the kind words @erwblo

Have you ever looked at TwitPics ?

Amazing tutorial. Thanks for doing this and sharing your expertise. I subscribed to your channel & will be spending most of the day learning. Thanks for contributing to the community.

One request — do you think you could change it so your microphone isn’t near your keyboard? When listening to the video with headphones, it’s pretty jarring every time you type on your keyboard. Otherwise, keep up the great work and thanks again!!!

Looks like a great alternative! Thanks for sharing.

Hey @BrandonCC — Yes, you bet. I don’t have a proper setup at home yet—I record from a laptop where indeed the microphone is near the keyboard…perhaps one day I’ll be able to convert my daughters’ playroom into a legit office space :sweat_smile:

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