New Screen with Cloudini/ I mean Cloudinary🎩 But, can I superimpose these?

Hi :blush: Starting to understand sth with Cloudinary.
As you see below, 2 examples with 2 user names, properly encoded (thks to @Robert_Petitto🧸) and centered in both images (table card + mug)
I had to add a spacing on left of the mug image to enable easy centering of any names.
But now that prevents me from setting it more naturally closer to the table card. I tried to switch them, not better. I’m using and HTML table to display them on 1 row 80 % width.
Is there sth with the Cloudini Magic to layout the images together once they’re customized?
Maybe I’d better “cut the mug’s ear”, but a mug without ears looks less like a mug, doesn’t it?

New Color (found how to set RGB color

I didn’t find yet how to join a coffee smoke/fume soft animated gif to the top of my mug, any one having an online tool for that. With transparency preserved.

Thanks for your suggestions🌸
the source is here