Show Search Results when few characters entered


I want the Search Results of a list to display when three or more characters are entered in the search bar. How would I do this?

Is this the same issue?

No, this is separate from that :slight_smile:

How is it working your side? When you enter 3 or more characters then the search does not work?

No, the opposite: we want the search results to start showing when a minimum of 3 characters are entered in the searchbar

Ah, so only when it’s 3 characters or more will the search result show?

I think you can follow the steps below:

1/Add a text entry writing to a user-specific column to serve as your search field.

2/Add a plugin to calculate the length of that term.

3/Add an If Then Else column, if length > 2 then returns the search term, else leave it empty.

4/In your table that you want to search, create a single value column and cast that ITE column above to all rows.

5/Add a final If Then Else column. If single value is empty then true (we don’t “filter” by the term at that point), else if single value is included in let’s say the name column then true, do that for all columns that you want users to search.


Wow, thanks! Question about the second step: what do you mean by the plugin? Do you mean something like Zapier or something else?


It’s working perfectly, thank you very much!!! :smiley:

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Do you know any possibility to disable enters/returns?

I think that is only possible with JS/JQuery but I haven’t seen that being implemented in Glide. What is your use case?

In the text entry that I now use as a search bar, you can enter a digit or email address to search for a user. However, when you press enter, it starts a new line. It would be nice if I’m able to prevent that from happening.

I think you could do that with the trim white space under text plugins. When a user adds a row or sets column values you should make a trim white space column perform the action.

Then create your own search bar using a text entry component and trim the white space from it as well.

This won’t prevent the user from creating a new line by pressing enter but it should return a match regardless if the enter key/ space bar is pressed or not.

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Not sure if we can do the same with a template column replacing all “new line” characters by “nothing” to remove it, but yeah that’s the idea.

Would still be nice to have the ability to block the character though.

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