Show only if updated?

Hi Guys,

I run a calculation in Sheets based on the entries in the app, but the calculation only runs if the app is updated. Until it refreshes, the app is showing the wrong calculation. Is there a way to show the cell where the calculation is happening only after the app has refreshed so it’s not showing the wrong result?

You can do some basic math within the app by creating a Match column in the data tab. If you are doing something more complex in your sheet, then there will be a delay between when the data is submitted, calculated in the sheet, and then returned to Glide. I haven’t been able to think of a good way to hide a value temporarily. Here is a thread where we tried to come up with a solution to a similar problem. Right now you can’t compare to column values to see if they match or not. You could create a column value in your sheet with the current date/time. Then when it updates to Glide you can display the date/time as a “Current As Of:” value. If I think of a solution, I’ll let you know.

That’s not a bad option. At the moment, the solution I’ve got is to show the details of the current calculation. That way, whomever is using the app, they just need to make sure that the details they’ve entered match the details of the current calculation (height, width, and quantity). At least for now, this is working.

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Wish I could help more. I’d say to give the math column a shot. You could also use template columns to possibly get the ‘$’ in your result. Also look into relation and lookup columns to help get whatever other values you need for your calculation. If it’s all easily obtainable, then you could to the math in Glide and get instant results.