Show my handwritten notes for kids

I have an app I created for my jump rope team. It helps show them how to do different tricks and I’ve assigned different skills to different kids. Each student has their own profile page with suggestions from me.

I also like to hand write their routines on my ipad with apple pencil. Often the younger students do better when they see my hand written notes.

My solution for this is to write it out in another app (goodnotes) and then screen shot and upload it as an image.

I would prefer to write these notes out and have them auto update such as an embed or webview. But I cannot think of an app to use for this.

One webview solution I have used in the past (to get around apps not allowing embed) is to use canva to create something and then add it to my website, then embed my website into glide. but in this case, it’s too many steps and canva is not great for hand writing.

Here is the app with an example loaded

Just wanna say that is super neat handwriting! I don’t have a suggestion regarding an embed service though.

The closest concept in Glide would be the Signature component where you can draw and get back an image link, but obviously that isn’t big enough of a canvas for your case.


haha that’s the first thing that jumped out at me as well. Almost makes me drool - my handwriting is a total mess.

@Rene_Bibaud - sorry I don’t have any suggestions either. I hope you find one - let us know.