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HI there !
here is what im trying to do with glide and where i’m stuck…
I created an app that when I go to a building site, I create a new customer through glide app (name, company, industry …) these datas are sent to a crm ==> Everything is OK for this …
BUT :wink:
I’d like to add on the glide app the capacity to take a picture and take note on the picture (for dimensions of the windows for example etc …) I tried with the field "take a picture"within glie but the ability to modify through iphone or samsung phone are not right for what i want.
So i decided to link the glide to evernote. When i create a new customer on glide, i create a new note on evernote gathering all the datas recquired (with zappier). My question is : do you see any good way when i’m on the glide app to swith to evernote and continue taking notes ?
Or do you see any good other solution for it ?
Not sure it’s clear (french guy here …) let me know if you have any idea :wink:
thanks !

You can capture the image separately, then edit them on your pictures app and upload them to Glide, if you want straight edits on the pic.

Alternatively, you can add a text/note entry and write them there, then submit alongside the original image.

Yes thanks,
but too much manipulation for this …
i’ll try to find out something else, maybe with a link to evernote

Do you mean much manipulation you need for your current settings, or every time you take an image?

It’s just a form with an image picker and a text/note entry in my recommendation.

I mean manipulation for switching app yes …

Bonjour @Alter345
are you using Shared to pass information from Glide to evernote?
Normally when you use Shared Link when you close evernote there is a reversion to Glide.

I don’t know about evernote but maybe there is a trail for comments (shared with Glide) I’m not sure if it’s possible.

Bonjour :wink:
Not sure ton understand what do you mean by “shared to pass information” ? do you have a link or something ? “Shared link” ?

euhmm indeed I am not very precise.

You can use an Action: Show Sharing Options dans Glide pour ouvrir Evernote avec des infos.

HUm i’ll check ok thanks :wink:

not sure again to understand what your saying : you want me to create a buton, and make a link to evernote right ? So when i fill out the form through the app, i add the new customer, i save, then i go back to the customer entry, click on the button linked to evernote. but :

  1. Do i need to use a formula for the sharing options right (like a array or something) to get the evernote link everytime a new entry is submitted
  2. If i put a link like : https://evernote.com/ i will be redirected to the website of evernote and not on the smarpthone app …