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I am making a expense app. All expenses need to be tied to a Project. I have a project list with a Favorite column so users can Favorite the projects they work on most.
In the Add New Expense page I want to add a Choice button to display either My Favorite Projects OR All Projects so the user can click the button. I have this button writing to field called Show Favorites in the Expense table.
When I turn on the Favorites I would like to filter to the Project list where Favorite is checked. This works but when I turn Favorites off the entire Project Number choice list disappears from my Add Screen.

How can I make this behavior work?

Can you show how you have the filter set up?

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You mention this, it looks like it’s a form, so are you actually needing to filter the projects inside a form, or not?

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Yes I am trying to filter inside a form.
I added a “Show Favorites” Switch to the form. This changes the "Show Favorites’ field. I am hoping to filter the “Projects” Choice field to only those with a Favorite checked in the project list when switched on. This does work but when I switch the “Show Favorites” off the entire Projects Choice field disappears.

Show Favorites toggled on…

Show Favorites toggled off…

Booleans can have 3 states. True, False, and blank. In your project table, create an IF column that checks if the favorite column is checked. If it is, return ‘true’, else return ‘false’. Then change your filter to check against the IF column instead of the Favorite column. I’m not sure if that will completely fix the issue, but might help us to debug and point us in the right direction.

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Thanks Jeff, That worked!

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