Favorites list not showing correctly

Hi there,
I have two tables, one called “Things” where I put all the content, and one called “Users” where I have all the users. I have added a boolean row called “Is favorited?” and made it “User Specific” in my “Things” table.
I have a tab called “Favorites” where I want to display all my favorites, so I have created a list with the following filter: “Is favorited” is not empty, but it doesn’t display my favorites, it shows some random content which I didn’t favorite it.
Any ideas on how can I display user-specific favorites?


Hi Alexandru,

Try this :

Is Favorited> is > true.



Is Favorited> is not > false.


Thank you

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I think “Is Favorited > is > true” should be enough, if he just wants to display items that have been favorited.

@Alexandru_Giuseppe_I for your information, the boolean can be in 3 states:

  • True (favorited)
  • Empty (default state)
  • False (you likely have favorited the item but un-favorited it at some point)

Hence, the filters related to any boolean should be is true or is not true, to cover the empty state.

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