Show different columns under different views

Is it possible to create multiple views based on different columns?

I have a spreadsheet for sales tracking where each user has their own tab. Each tab has 3 groups of columns - Phone calls (Column 3 to Column 6), Appointments (Column 7 to column 10), and Sales Closing (Column 11 to Column 14). The reason for this grouping is because different types of info are captured in each column (e.g. in the appointments group, we have Date, Time slot, Address etc.)

I want to have 3 views for each tab - Phone call view, Appointments view, and Sales Closing view. Under each view, display only the relevant column details. Is this possible at all?

You would have to clone this columns over to other sheets to get what are looking for. All the actual data would be on the one, but the views would be pointing the other 3 sheets which you could simply use ={Data!C1:F} on the Prices sheet; ={Data!G1:J} on the Appointment sheet; etc. in Cell A1 of the respective sheets.

In addition to what @George_B said, and depending on how you want your app to work, would it be better to join all of the users into one sheet, and then use Per User Data so they only see their own data? Another alternative would be to join all the user data in one sheet, use George’s method for splitting up the data, create another sheet with just Users, then use references to join the users data to the other sheets. One more option would be to add a new column then only fill those cells with Phone, Appointment, Sales where the associated data is filled in that row. Then you can create a new sheet with 3 rows, one for phone, one for appointment, one for sales, then set up references to the data.