3D datasheet

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Can you somehow create horizontal columns?

??? Horizontal columns ??? We have that… it is called rows :wink:


I am having a bit of trouble to create a table I though it can be solved if we can use the rows as columns.

Here is the scenario:

I have 10 providers, and each client will have a status, a notes and a link field for each of the 10 providers.

I also need to have the option of filtering using the provider’s name. Can anyone help? I am ready to pay

Sure, no problem… you will need to set up relations… i can connect with you over the Zoom

but I need to have 3 fields for each of the 10 providers and I cannot use the User-specific column as the data would be update by the admin and visible to the public
You can connect with Meet https://meet.google.com/vsw-busc-xxy

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ok, give me 5 min

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You might want to change the title of this topic to the 3D datasheet.

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Uzo was a great help. His indigenous technique and skill helped me to solve an Issue that had bugged me for months.

Would highly recommend him for solving Complex apps @Uzo

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