Shopping cart and Stripe payment : dangerous bug


I noticed a dangerous bug or omission with the shopping cart / stripe feature.

In France, we used to indicate prices using coma. As an exemple 45€ is written and dispayed as 45,00€.

But if this notation is used, customers whi won’t take care will pay 100 x the price.

Hereafter screenshot to explain :slight_smile:

1 - This bottle of wine cost is 45€, aka 45,00€ :

2 - When added to the shopping cart, its cost becomes 4 500€ !

3 - If the guy who build the app or even the customer don’t take care, the customer will be 100 x the price, even if the “total” is correct…

Is there a way to indicate for the shopping cart the separator to be used for the price, dot or coma ?
Because as is, it means thatany template sold using the shopping cart will not be usable for France and the major part of the european country.

I agree there’s a workaround, use the dot as separator instead of the coma, but that’s not the way ot works here…

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The same thing happens to me. With a store in Spain.
The problem is not fixed. They don’t say how to fix it either. If someone knew how to solve the problem we would be grateful.