Cart with decimal

HI I am SO
Currently i am having tough time to remove the decimal point.
Currently i am inputting from Google spread is just 200
but when it added in the cart, it will be always 200.00.
I have tried to using the round up in order to remove unnecessary value.

Would anyone resolve this problems?


Is this just for visual aesthetics, or is it causing a problem? I doubt you can change how a price is displaying the decimals as the programming for it is most likely accounting for, and expecting amounts that could potentially have decimal amounts. I don’t think you can do anything to adjust how it shows in the Stripe cart.

Hi Jeff
Thank you for quick response.
Actually it wont cause anything but it will make people freak out.
We don’t use decimal point here.

If i would be able to remove the unnecessary number, it would be wonderful.

I guess there wont be much thing i can do with GLIDE and Stripe for this thing.
Understood like it is just way it is but if you know any please update me.


@so_root It’s true that decimal points after the comma don’t make any sense in yen.

  1. Silly question maybe: Have you tried playing around with the option of the number column in the Glide Data Editor?
  2. Maybe you could create a second column in the GDE with the same content, but specifically to get the formatting you want with out the decimals?