Price in the checkout page is wrong

I’m doing a test sheet/app to see how I could add an online store in the app.

My app’s URL:

On my sheet, price is in the format ‘9.00$’ (symbol is after the numbers here in Canada)
Same thing in the product page.
But, in the checkout page, it add two zeros to become ‘$900.00’ (and the symbol is before the numbers… but that’s ok for now hehe)

The Buy button uses Stripe for the CC transaction and it is currently only USD. So for now you either have to change the formatting or clone the price field and make the clone USD and then use that for the buy button price.

Sorry @George_B I thought it was the solution but even if I switched the format to USD dollar, it still shows 900.00

It’s your comma I suspect. You need to use periods. 9.00 is nine; 9,00 is nine hundred.

I just enter 9 and the format set it automatically like that. I just want to 2 zeros after the comma or period but I can’t choose period… only comma.

You can remove the formatting.

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Ahhh it was just that. I removed the formatting and enter manually 9.00$ . So basic stuff haha Thanks @david @George_B