Shared database structure: different apps, same users


I am thinking about building 3 different but complementary apps.
I would like to create UX & raw data “synergies” between each one, knowing that I work 90% on Glide Tables.

I don’t have a Developer’s background & skills to define the best practice to structure the approach to share some key raw data (user profile, company profile, choice lists used in Choice components (ex. list of countries, job functions etc), invoicing & payment process).

Initial ideas:
- Option A: 3 apps: 1 master app with the raw data to share and its dedicated value proposition + the 2 other apps using the shared tabs
- Option B- 4 apps: 1 app dedicated to the raw data to share + 3 apps using the shared tabs and having their dedicated value proposition.

nb: thanks to @Jeff_Hager and @Mark_Turrell , I know that each user will have to sign-in to each app the 1st time and that computed columns are not shareable.

Thank you in advance for your insights

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You must have considered this, but is there a way to keep it to 1 app?

Thanks @ThinhDinh.
Yes I did, and started that way, but

  1. The app appears to be very long to load: many features + also because as a non coder my database structure is probably not built efficiently*
  2. Each app has a dedicated value proposition, and some users may be only interested by one of them; it’s more difficult to address the positioning if all 3 are in the same app

[Incidentally, the more I advance on Glide, the more I see this lack of knowledge as being one of the barrier for non coders to build good no-code apps (should I have 100 columns or split my tab into two tabs? do I need to rebuild a relation for each field to lookup between the same tabs? etc)]

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