Connect two or more Apps together in an ecosystem

I have two private Apps (same App, different customers)

I want to share some sets of data between the two companies.

I was going to create a third App with tables that contain the shared data and add them to each App.

The “helper App” means the data is clean/easier to see since the main App has 100+ tables within it.

Is this a reasonable way to share data between Apps? Other alternatives??


If you have them in Glide Tables, I believe the easiest way is just to connect to the same tables to share the non-computed columns.

Or is your use case more complex?

I don’t think it is more complex but I have been surprised at how complex this App has grown :flushed: :confused:

I need to ‘pass’ data between an ecosystem of Apps (same base App, a private version for each customer) and writing to a shared table seemed the best alternative. I am just considering how I want to do this and the shared tables seemed like a reasonable alternative so I thought I would ask how others have approached this challenge.

Private App (M) is connected to many Private App (V)
Private App (V) is connected to many Private App (M)

Private App (M) never shares data with other (M)
Private App (V) never shares data with other (V)

M shares with many Vs
M never shares with Ms
Vs may share with multiple Ms but never the same data between multiple Ms
Vs never share with Vs

Thanks, as always, @ThinhDinh

First question for you: when you deploy that many apps, would it be scalable if you want to make a change in features and have to do it in all apps? Is there a reason you don’t want to use just one centralized app?