Connection between 2 Apps' Databases

Greetings, rather new member here, but i wanted to ask something.

Is it possible two create two apps, each having their own databases, communicate and modify each other or is that simply not possible? I ask because i thought of dividing an app in two would maybe reduce complexity, but i’m not sure Glide would allow for the communication they would still need between each other.

Personally I just use a Google sheets that I share between the two (or more) App

You mean have the two apps share the same database?

each application that you loaded this worksheet creates an id column in it?

Haven’t started dividing the app itself, just asking if the two databases in ach app can communicate with each other or the two apps just have two use the same database

You can add tables from one app as sources to another app. I don’t think that the computed columns are copied in this case, but you can certainly “read” some data added in one app through another app. Not sure if that’s what you’re asking about though…

To be more specific, i want to create an app that has two types of users: Customers and Owners. The app works around promotions that a store has and the conditions each one has, said promotions will be notified to users who legible based on the conditions of each promotion. Customers can redeem coupons for said promotions based on pruchases they have made in X store.

Owners can have multiples stores in their account and each store can have multiple promotions. My question was based around the fact that if i make an app for Customers and one for Owners, each one with it’s own datase, how can they communicaate with each other as the customers have to be aware of the promotions a store’s owner is currently having at the moment.

This is a classic use case for separate Apps sharing the same database.

As Tamara mentioned, data in non-computed columns will be shared between both Apps. So if a value is changed via one App, you’ll see the changed value in the second App.

Computed columns however are not shared. A good way to approach this is to build one App first, then duplicate it and modify the copy as the second App. The initial copy will bring over all computed columns, so it will give you a good head start. Be sure to choose the “Keep same sheet” option when creating the copy.

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Ok, i had the feeling it might have been that, but i have an additional question and it might be a dumb one, but what do you mean by computed columns?

Computed columns are those columns that you create in the Glide Data Editor that are used for processing your data in various ways.


So it’s best to build the database with only one app in mind and then when building the second app, i add the elements pertaining to the second one to it?

Not necessarily. I would probably keep both Apps in mind as you design the database, as it will be a single database serving both Apps.
I would also most likely build the more complex App first, and then copy that and remove the bits that you don’t need. It’s generally easier to remove features/components than it is to add and configure them.

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I see.

That does makes things easier to grasp for now, especially with the database parts.

Thanks for the suggesstions.