Is this the way to go (1 app in stead of 3)?

OK, this is the question. Is this structure the right way for me to go or should I do something else? Hope you can help.

  • Client asks for 3 apps with the same functionalities
  • In every app some companies are present to add data
  • Companies have their own dashboard
  • Client has dashboard with overall data and data per company

Because then we have to make changes 1 time instead of 3 times, I say: we should make 1 app where it feels like 3.

  • Everyone logs in to one app
  • Depending on their profile they get a look and feel (different logo etc) of their corresponding ‘app’ which really is a subsection
  • They get rights depending on their profile
  • They get their own dashboard.

On top of that client gets a dashboard with different levels:

  • Everything
  • Per app
  • per company

If I want that, is this structure the way to go or should I go for something else?
And am I on the right track with my idea?

So where I write App 1 it does feel like an app but is a subsection.

Yeah, I think I would want to build that as a single App.

You can use roles with row owners to silo the data per company, assuming that users from one company should never see any data from another company.


I totally agree with the caveat that at some point, depending on the size and number of the companies involved, you may need to split it. I’ve kicked this around a lot. There are benefits and downsides to both. I have even developed two different apps for two different entities that share a database – they were similar databases. At some point, there were so many features in one app that I had to split databases just to keep design complexity down in the second app.

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I am in this same spot. Same APP, different customers, some shared data, most completely different and proprietary data. Every customer will have north of 25,000 rows so one BIG app currently will be an issue.

Keeping it separate means a pain in bug fixing/adding functionality. Hobson’s Choice