Give Idea to short 3 apps into 1 or 2


I have 3 apps but using same sheets and tables.

One for users can order
Second for order delivery used by delivery person
Third for dashboard to look after the orders quantity used by me.

How can I short this app either into 1 or 2.

When you start working with types of users (in your sheet) like ‘user’, ‘delivery person’, and ‘admin’, you can then make certain tabs and content only visible for certain users. So you could do it in 1 app.

You can generally compress your logic down into fewer apps but also be aware that doing so will potentially (a) increase app complexity and (b) reduce app security. It is always a balancing act.



Do you want to be like it is or to simplify to 1 or 2.

true, more apps might be easier