One app to work with another app

Hi community,

Working on an app for business owners to work with their users.
The owners just need basic info and feedback from their users.

I have a table on my main app with the users info, and a page where the owners can “create” them, I want to know what are the options for the users to update their data reguraly and easily.
I am thinking of a different dedicated very simple app for the users (which I am not sure how to communicate with the main owners app) but I am opened to suggestions.



Ben bu söylediğini sheets ile uyguladım. Örneğin, ana uygulamanı aynı sayfalar ile kopyalacaksın. ikinci bir uygulama oluşturacaksın. sonra sheets ile IMPORTRANGE formülünü kullanarak ana uygulamadaki satırları ikinci uygulamandaki satırlara kopyalacaksın. yanlış anlamadıysam böyle birşey yapabilirsin.

I might try that, thanks.

What “update” are you talking about here? Is there a reason you don’t want to combine them user types into one app?

I am trying to seperate it so the users will see one thing and owners different…

Proper use of Row Owners and visibility conditions will allow you to do everything with a single app.

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