Share collection item to Instragram

I have an item that is rich text html containing image and text. Sample is below:

I want to add button bellow so when user clicks on it, it e.g. posts it to instragram or send it to whatsapp as an image.

Not sure if this is possible at all. Is there deep link for instargram. The 2nd issue is how to convert html to jpeg? The only idea that comes on my mind is to create cloudinary image and forward it to instragram or whatsapp.

Thanks for ideas!


I just have to say your design is really nice :star_struck:

Thank you!

I have been a programmer for 30 years and never dealt with design but looks good!

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Here’s an API that allows converting HTML and CSS to an image.

Probably you can run this and get the image link back when the row is created/updated, and send the image link to WhatsApp as a message.

As for Instagram, I found this but not sure how we implement it in Glide.