HTML images?

I have an affiliate that will only allow me to use images in HTML code. Is there any way to display these images in Glide?

The expert with images are @ThinhDinh and @Robert_Petitto … can you send that html image to cloudinary, and then use cloudinary’s link to show the image in your app?

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What’s the code? Might be able to display it using a Rich Text Component.

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Hi @Brian_Rosenstein, I don’t understand your question.

What do you mean by “HTML image”?

Would you have an example?

Sorry I’m still learning the lingo :slight_smile:

Hi Brian,

I think you can display this via a rich text component.

But what features of the image do you want to keep by using that HTML format (as in the image border or the image size, etc.)? Can you just use directly the image link in an image component?

Unfortunately there is no way to copy the images for a link address. they only provide you with HTML to display the image.

Can I have the link to that specific page so I can inspect it?

Unfortunately it can only be viewed with my affiliate link. I think I’m going to continue to use a screen capture and quickly edit it in Photoshop. Thank you for your help.

The image source should be in that img src = ... part of your link, but I tried it and it gave back a 1x1 image.

What I want to do in this situation is to open an inspection window in your browser, go to the “Network” tab and see what images are loaded in there. You might find that link somewhere.

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If taking a screenshot works, then congrats on finding the solution! :slight_smile:

(What @ThinhDinh was thinking of doing was using your html code or having a look (i.e. inspecting) at the image as it’s displayed in the browser, and then extracting the url where it is hosted. You could then use that url in your Google Sheet. If we’re talking about 100s or 1000s of images, extracting the url might be more scalable and “cleaner” than screenshots.)

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