Image URL not working with HTML/CSS

The image is hosted on Amazon AWS. The URL works fine with the Image component. It also displays correctly on browsers. But when put into HTML/CSS to show via Rich Text, it only shows the little broken image icon. What could be the reason?

How are you constructing the HTML/CSS? Are you using an img tag or something else?

This is the one I used. It is a real estate related stock photo.

<img src="upload://cKhuId6KGdLn1BZWRAofGQ6cPVp.jpeg">

I’m leaning towards a CORS issue. Glide uses Cloudinary to fetch the image, and it’s likely Cloudinary has their own method to deal with CORS, but your rich text doesn’t.

Well, at least the Image component works. Thanks @ThinhDinh.

Seems to confirm the issue. I would suggest checking your bucket’s permission to see if there’s something you can do to allow this.

I found this link:

People seem to suggest a bunch of options here: