Whatapp Integration and Sharing Images

I am new to Glide and so far I love it. I have a few things I am trying to figure out how to do. I use the simple Swag Store template.

  1. How do I remove the cart? All tabs have a Trash icon at the top right coder. But not the cart.
  2. How do I pass an image to when sharing via whatsapp such that it appears in whatsapp as an image instead of just a link?
  3. Along with the above second item, I want to share not only the image, but also some metadata about the image. How would I do that?

Looking forward to your input.


  1. Just go into your Tabs and drag it into the Hidden Tabs listing.
  2. I just took a quick look at the whatsapp FAQ’s and from what I saw you can’t.
  3. …see #2 answer

Thanks. Item #1 worked.
For item #2, these people seem to suggest a way of doing it with code by specifying the intent type: http://code2care.org/pages/share-image-to-whatsapp-with-caption-from-your-android-app/?pages/share-image-to-whatsapp-with-caption-from-your-android-app

They are referring to custom written Java code that you can’t do within the Glide environment. It may be possible via Google script with some kind of trigger from within Glide but that is beyond the scope of this forum. By trigger I mean a timed trigger in Google Script that checks for some kind of value that was saved from Glide to the sheet.

Thanks @George_B. Where can I find more about this? Who can help with this?

Google “javascript whatsapp interface”

I do some scripting for some of the apps that I have been contracted to write but only when Glide can’t handle what they want. For instance I have written a routine that sends email addresses and names to the MailChimp API for inclusion in a marketing list, but I have not done anything regarding Whatsapp. If you want to pursue it further you can schedule a 15 min call with me or one of the other experts to discuss. I have no idea which of the experts may have Google Script experience (aka javascript ) but maybe some do.

I read some more about those scripting topics. Please correct me if I am wrong. My sense is that all of those scripting suggestions you are referring to are server side. For instance javascript calling whatsapp interface is service side via the Whatsapp API.

What I was trying to do is client side. When Glide calls Whatsapp, the call is done directly on the user’s phone. And then data is populated in then intent that calls Whatsapp.

Essentially, the glide app would need to set the content type when calling the WhatsApp intent. I would have to think that it is doing something like this:

I am OK calling an expert if I have at least the sense that what I want is doable.

You are correct about the Google Script being the server side and making the direct call to the Whatsapp api. What you are asking for, to essentially launch Whatsapp from within Glide passing in more than just the text of a message is not possible at this point using Glide.