How to use photos in my Social Media Generator?

Because I want to make my app into a template, I can’t use Zapier or Make for connections and automations. So I have to work with copy-paste. Do you have an idea how to solve my problem?

  • I have a database with Twitter-handles and Instagram-handles of bands and clubs. With choosing form pulldowns and using templates I make Tweets or Insta texts.

But I want to use images as well.

  • Is there a way to use images in choice other than the description? So you see them before choosing?
  • Once an image has been chosen, is there a way to get those images to Twitter / Insta? Upload them from your app? This bit feels undoable without Zapier / Make. But maybe you have a suggestion?

For this one, what you could do is use an Inline List and make it work like a choice component.


…that’s the easy part…the tough part is getting hosted (shareable) image files into and then out of the app…unless you upload to Google Drive or somewhere first that gives you a shareable image/file link and you’ve already pre-populated rows with said link…

…but then you have to get that file/link into Integromat (don’t know what to make of “Make” yet :disguised_face:) via a Webhook module, then use a HTTP (get file) module, then a router, and then two branches, one to Twitter to post your tweet and one to an IG for Business module to post there.

It’s doable, just clunky…or at least that’s the only way I’ve been able to work it so far. If someone knows a better way, please share!

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Yeah, complex! Then it might be easier for people to download the photo and the upload themself :wink:

So what would you do?
Add an action ‘Set column values’?
But you can only set values in ‘this row’ ?
Or could you add it to the row of the form?

The trick with using an Inline List as a choice component is that you need to build a single relation from the Inline List column to the row that you’re working in. Then when a list item is tapped, you can use a Set Column Values through that relation to set a User Specific Column in your current row. So you end up with the same result as if you were using a Choice Component.

I have a video somewhere that walks through this, I’ll see if I can find it.

Here it is…

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Thanks a lot!