Question for my Social Media Generator

As you possibly know, I’m working on a set of tools for musicians.

Today I’ve been working on a Social Media Generator that makes it easy to post to Twitter and Instagram because all the Twitter and Instagram handles of bands and venues are in the db to choose from.

Now I want to sent messages directly via Twitter or Instagram.

Of course I know that I can do so by connecting through Zapier or Integromat.
There I can make an action like ‘when new row in Google Sheets, send Tweet’.
But I want to decide on the moment of sending. And I want to send the same tweet possibly more times. So with a button with an action.

Does anyone have an idea how to do that? So not sending when there is a new row, but sending when the button starts an action?

Thanks in advance!

I assume you can create an intent URL using a Construct URL button.

Then, when users click the button, you will open that intent URL in a new window. Users would see a tweet composer with the pre-defined text in there. They just need to click “Tweet” to post it. Would it work for you?

You can try this to have an idea on what intent URLs look like.

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I guess that would be an option, but because that would add clicks, copy from the app and paste in Twitter might be as easy. I think I leave it like this. Thanks!