Combine data + image to shareable link

Working on a new project this morning and am looking for a solution to do the following:
User will select 2 or 3 choices from options, select an image (from 5 choices), and then tap button - this will trigger the creation of a page/link with this combined info that the user can then share to a 3rd party (outside of app). I would prefer the result to fe clickable if possible.

So I’m looking for some kind of platform that makes the last part happen. First part is easy in glide.

I welcome your suggestions. I use zapier regularly so it could be tied with that as well. Thx!

So you want to create a deep link from those choices and have an option to share that? Does it have to be a link or it can be an image with the combination of your chosen data?

You thinking Cloudinary?

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Yeah, that’s the option.

An image would be great. I found a platform called “HTML/CSS to Image” that will create an image once I send the data to Airtable, but then I can’t figure out how to send the new image link back to glide to share it. I’m probably adding too many steps. If I create a new screen with the saved info and then create a deep link to that image, can I somehow send the image to someone outside of Glide? I need for the user to be able to share the image to another person that is not logged into the app.

@kabookie you might get inspired by this post

You could automatically upload all the images put into your app to cloudinary.

Then when you want to send a link to an image to the person you just give them the link to the cloudinary image. You know what the link to the image is. Remember, you can also put text on top of the image in cloudinary.


Thanks I am trying to learn how to put the text on top of the image - have not used Cloudinary so am learning the basics

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Cloudinary is awesome, but there is a bit of an initial learning curve to get through. I found their documentation completely overwhelming at first, to the point where it scared me off a little bit. But I persisted, and I’m glad that I did :wink:

For placing text on top of images: