Setting Up A Push notication scenario in Integromate

Hi everyone !
I am developing an Employee management app(Web & Mobile) with Adalo. The issue I have is that when an Admistrator creates a new post or adds a new event on the Web App it does not send the push notification to the Mobile App. According to some few research I made I heard it is posssible to set up a push notification scenario with So, I would like to be asissted on how and what are the exact modules does one need to use in order to set up a scenario that will send push notication to all users of the app whenever a new Post or Event has been created/added using the Web App.

You do realise that this is the Glide Community and not the Adalo Community, yes?

I get that you’re really asking for help with Make, but this is not the appropriate forum, especially if it’s for an app built with some other platform.

I’d suggest reaching out to the Adalo Community (if there is one), or perhaps the Make Community.

Okay thanks

maybe because Glide’s community is the best <3

btw: Integromat/Make has a new community forum since it has been bought/rebranded: Make Community

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Nice, thanks :+1:
That Facebook one is awful. Not because of the people or anything, just that FB is a horrible platform for this type of thing.