Random reminders app

Hi guys, I wanted to create, since there are not many on the market, a web app to set random reminders on Android or Windows.

The app, specifically, will be used to send notifications in a completely random way, where I will only have to set the type of reminder, the number of daily reminders and also for how many days to trigger these reminders, the rest will be fully automated.

I don’t know which no-code platform to start from, can you help me out?

Thanks to all those who will answer me :pray:

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What medium would you like to use for notification? If you want to use the operating system of the device this is not possible for now because Glide is a progressive web app, while this is possible for native APPs that can be downloaded from the various stores (apple store, google play). But if you want to use an external service, for example, for sending SMS or emails, this is possible using integration platforms such as Zapier or Integromat.
Are you Italian?

Yes, I’m italian.

I would like to use the notifications directly from the browser of my smartphone and my PC, once I have entered the web app built with Glide.

I understand that this is not possible at the moment, right?

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Me too :sweat_smile:
… quindi possiamo continuare in italiano che si fa meno fatica :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No per ora non si riescono a usare le notifiche tradizionali purtroppo, questa è una limitazione che deriva dalla natura dell’APP PWA.

Sounds like you want push notifications, which is unlikely to be supported anytime soon by Apple for PWAs.

For desktop browsers, Integromat do offer Chrome notifications.