Set value in another table

Hello the community,

I am creating my note taking app to track my activities for differents projects.
I want, when a streak for a project isn’t active, to set the date column “beginning of the streak” of my project table to get the current date at the moment I write a new note and the streak is “Inactive”.

THere is a relation column in my note table to understand to which project each note is link.

My problem is that when I create the note, the streak become active, but the beginning of the streak doesn’t get updated in my “project” table.

Do you know what I may have done wrong?

Thank you for your help!


What calls the action? Are you using a form to add the note?

I am using a form to add the note indeed. So when I click submit the note is created and I added a “set the columns” to set the “beginning of streak” date of the project table to the current date.

So you configured the On Submit option in the form to call your custom action? Does the Show Detail Screen action still work?

I don’t see the “Streak Active” column in your screenshots? I assume that must be in the Notes table?

I have the form container, and I created the action for when the submit button is clicked.
The show detail screen action still works after so I see all the details of the note.

I have a “if - then - else” column called “streak broken” in my project table, which calculate directly everytime a streak is inactive (for exemple, if I said that I should have a note at least once every two days about no-code, in my category “time since last note”, if the time is superior to 2, then “streak broken column” writes “Inactive”, if not, “Active”.
In my note table, I have a look up called “streak active” which copies what is written in the project “streak broken” column. In my condition on the action I use the lookup field “streak active” to create the condition.

In the “else” branch, can you add a notification saying “Test” and try to submit a form? I just want to test if it falls to the “else” branch instead of one of the first two.

@ThinhDinh Thank you for your suggestion.

I added a notification saying “test” and submitted a form, it showed the details screen, made the project streak go from “Inactive” to “Active”, didn’t update the “beginning of the streak” column in the project table and didn’t show the “test” notification.

I tried adding different notifications to all branches. What I figured out is that even when the streak is inactive, is goes through the “active branch”. My theory is that when I submitted the form, the “streak broken” gets updated automatically from inactive to active as the last note has been just added, the look up “streak active” in the note filters gets updated to active too, then the action filters it and send the item through the “active branch”.

Do you have any idea how can I do to filter the item before the “Inactive” before “Active”? :upside_down_face:

Sorry, I don’t think I have any better ideas. Is it possible you can send an invitation for me in private messages to join your team to analyze this?