Set parameter with inline-list elements

Hey guys,

I want to implement following flow:

Screen 1: Select goal
Inline-list with cards. cards represent goals. action: “go to tab”

Screen 2: Define goal
Headline, copy, choice components. structure of screen is for all goals the same. headline and copy should vary for each goal.

Question: How can I set a parameter for the selected goal through the inline-list in order to create copy variation on screen 2?

Thanks in advance

Why don’t you do a “view details layout” but “go to tab” here? How’s your data structured? What layout are you using for your app?

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@ThinhDinh “details layout” didn´t work as I want to set the user table as source.

I decided to work with “new screen” in combination with visibility option.

So has that worked out for you? Let us know if you need any further help.

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Yes, this worked. Thanks for the support. :pray:

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