Session duration issue?

Hi all.
This is the Scenario where the problem occurs:

In my APP the TABs appear according to the user’s access level; for example, you can have an administration TAB that appears only to users who have the “Admin” access level. All the TABs disappear if the user asks to remove his Account and all the data related to it (this happens when, in his user line, the “RemoveMe” field is filled in). Therefore it is obvious that in the conditions of visibility of all the TABs there is a control “Show tab when RemoveMe is empty”.
I created this type of scenario because I would like to make my APP GDPR compliant in some way; so that at some point I can see that a user has requested the removal of his data and consequently I can go and remove them all from the sheet.
But since it is a manual operation, somehow I have to make it clear to the user that he wants to remove himself, even if he logs in again, that his request is in progress (so the APP will no longer show anything except an initial screen like: “Ok we’re going to remove your data, give us time to do it …”)

But let’s get to the problem now.
It happens that if the user who requested the removal remains connected to the APP, after some time, the APP seems to lose its positioning in the USER row as if the user’s session data have been lost; consequently all the TABs become visible again because the RemoveMe parameter becomes Empty. In this case, if I update the browser page, the TABs return rightly invisible.

I want to specify that “RemoveMe” is a relationship with the “Removal Requests” table where all users who have requested to remove their data from the APP are listed.
I also specify that I found this kind of problem running the APP from the PC browser.

Am I doing something wrong in your opinion or is there really a potential problem related to the duration of the server-side session?

Thanks for those who will answer me about it.

Do you use a formula to generate this?

I imagine it would be easier if you make the RemoveMe a boolean column and show tabs when remove me is not true, show the user a switch when they want to be removed.

Hi ThinDinh
No formula, the relation it’s just to a row where the user sent a form where he ask to destroy his data.
I can certainly implement your suggestion without any problem. I just wanted to understand why the above problem occurs. So I have to come to the conclusion that the session on the server side expires and then is resurrected and, in that while, we have a moment in which the relations exist on the server side but there are not in the client?
Am I fantasizing or is it really so?
These considerations are not to criticize the system huh. I’m just to understand better.

I’m not sure about the inner workings so probably you can contact Glide support for that.

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