App: Metadata?

Kind of cool to see this data, but wondering now if there are other “App: xyz” sheets hiding somewhere that could provide even more info about the apps!

Also wondering why only one of my apps/sheets has this sheet showing. Hmm

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Are you saying you are seeing a sheet named ‘App:Metadata’? What’s in it? I’ve only seen App:Logins, App:Comments, and App:Sales.

Yup I am, only in one app. Must be a bug.

It shows last Automated refresh time and last Manual refresh time. Not a pro app though so no value in the Automatic refresh column.

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That’s interesting. I haven’t seen that…yet.

Ahh, you know what? I do have it. It’s a hidden sheet. You must have un-hidden it at some point. That must be the sheet they update for the automatic background refresh. I’ve always wondered how that works because I’ve noticed revision history logs, but never knew what was updated.

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Yep. Was just going to reply that it’s a hidden sheet.


I have also this tab. I think it’s linked to zapier, not sure but…

I noticed also this strange thing of App Metadata. It appears as sheet in the DATA view (not Gsheets) and when looking to the Tabs (Glide interface).

In the DATA view, its’ not a real problem because it’s not viewed by the users.

The problem are on the Tabs, because if App Metadata is in the Menu, the user has the possibility to see this useless information ! How to remove it ? (this is the 1st issue).

If we put it as “hidden” and there is no other Tab in the Menu, the Menu (up letf) allowing to share the App and to Disconnect disappear, and is replaced by an “i” (information) to share the App, and (this is the 2nd issue) the option to Disconnect disappear too !!!

Means it’s no more possible for the user to make a clean Disconnection (of course he/she can close the Explorer window … but if he/she don’t do that, he/she remains connected because (this is the 3rd issue) it seems there is no time-out !!! Is it in-line with best practice and regulation law ? Is there a mean to limit the connection time to the App ? Is such thing in the “Pro” version ??

@Jean-Philippe it seams odd that the App:Metadata sheet is visible in the data sheet unless you renamed it at some point. Glide generated sheets should not be visible within the data editor or accessible to the app. They are only used as a log within the google sheet or in the case of the metadata sheet, most likely to control the automatic background refresh.

To remove a tab from view, just move it to the hidden section. Not really an issue. That’s just how you hide tabs.

If you want the menu to show, then create any kind of tab you want in the menu. You can create a general Info or ‘About this App’ sheet and use that for the tab. The information is not trivial, but it makes the menu show up.

As long as you have something in the menu tab, then you have access to sign out or sign in along with sharing.

Thanks Jeff. For info, I didn’t rename such “system” things generated by Glide.
Anyway, I’ll hidden “App Metadata” Tab and move the “About” Tab I’ve created to the Menu.

Now what about last point, no time-out for Disconnection, should I create a separated topic ?

That’s not how it works. It’s not supposed to “time-out”. User’s should sign out if they no longer want to be logged in. It’s designed to keep them signed in at all times.

I’d be interested to know if there is any other data that Glide is logging for each app that we, as app developers, might be able to leverage. Specifically, I am thinking that a date/timestamp for creation and/or update to each row could be very useful. I am guessing that I could accomplish something like this with a trigger on Google Sheets (or is there a better way?), but if that is already being logged automagically I’d love to leverage that. Thanks for any thoughts, suggestions or comments.

@Mark_Eden Just add a datetime special value to you add/edit/form screens. It records the date/time into a column in your sheet.

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