Need clarification on how Glide treats "unused sheets."


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  • No Row Owners enabled
  • Published.
  • Viewing as signed-in user in a browser, not editor.

Based on my understanding of how “unused sheets” are treated, metadata for my test unused sheet shouldn’t be showing up in a network request.

Am I interpreting " Your app can only access sheets that the app uses" too literally?

unused A

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mmm, I just did a similar test with one of my (Legacy Pro) apps, with the same result.
This does seem to contradict what the docs say, so would be good to have some clarification.

@rasha I did a bit more testing with this, and while it seems that the table definitions (sheet names, column headings) for unused sheets are visible, the actual data associated with those sheets is not visible.

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Darren - thanks. I knew the data itself wasn’t visible but thought it was odd the metadata listed that table. That the information related to those tables is not entirely obscured. To me, if I can see those tables via a 3rd party tool, they are indeed accessed by the app and therefore the verbiage is inaccurate.

Maybe there’s technical reason why all tables must show up in the schema.