"Sent" Notification text on Form Submission

App URL: owmml.glideapp.io

I’ve created a food delivery app, that involves the submission of a number of forms. The default text when forms are submitted is “Sent”. This has led to a lot of confusion amongst users as to where the submission has been sent to. I cannot find a way to edit the text of the submission notification. I have tried using rich text aids to help users figure out what they should do once a form is submitted, but they get hung up on the idea of “Sent”. This is important especially in a food delivery app, as it may be interpreted as the order having been sent, when it has not, they’ve just submitted a form (e.g. creating a profile, adding to cart, adding extras, changing sizes etc.)

How can this be modified?

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Agree 100%. Sent is not the right choice for most situations. I know Glide must be working on it. It should be a text field in form button like a title.