Form submit and sent changed to done and added

I built an app that uses a lot of forms. I presented it to a legal rep and they have noticed some things that may be an issue within glide. When using the form it says that you are SUBMITTING information and that the information is SENT. This implies that the users’ information is being sent somewhere and data is being collected without permission(even though they may see it in the app). He says that this has been an issue in the past with semantics but it was asked that I change this. Clearly I cannot change this but I am requesting that the words submit and sent be changed to something like “DONE” and “ADDED”.

In the meantime, i’ll make changes to the button, but this isn’t an issue I want to have to worry about in the future.


I agree with this. I’ve been a UX designer in numerous Fortune 50 companies in silicon valley for many years. The strings/verbiage that Glide uses including “Submit”, “Sent” and the copy used on the sign in/sign up with email screen are all off base. “Save”, “Finish” etc. are preferred to the archaic “Submit” these days, and “Sent” doesn’t make sense for the actual action that just took place. A message wasn’t sent…the data was just saved to the database. Not to be pedantic, but these things are a major nuisance.

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