Send user to top of screen with action

no problem.
btw, I do appreciate you trying to help with this.
If some of my responses seem a bit terse, please don’t take them the wrong way.
I’m just trying to relate the facts as clearly as I can.

No worries, I know how frustrating the lack of features can be :slight_smile:

How many questions did you have in that assessment?The row you are creating I’m guessing resides in another sheet, and you use it to reference in the future to compare with current results to gauge a difference in personality an behaviour?

Yes, correct.
The choices are in one sheet - just two rows, used purely for populating the choice components.
The responses are collected in a second sheet (this can and will have multiple rows per user).
And there will be a 3rd sheet that contains a summary of the responses (one row per user).

The 3rd sheet will be populated by scripts that process the data collected in the 2nd sheet.

You know, I have a degree in psychology and my previous job was a cosultant for restaurants. I built quite a few personality evaluations in my time. We always computed and came up wth the personality profile and stored the data in an alphanumeric fassion. the intention was so no one could understand the data, it was evaluated on the spot and saved time. I’m unsure if this is what your getting at but I do think values being assigned to the answers immediately in a answer sheet would be more effective than a script and more secure, not to mention save space.

Yes, I understand what you are getting at.
If I was using a proper relational database the only “text” values would live in lookup tables.
I expect that I’m going to have to refactor at some point to make it more like that (especially as I’ll eventually need to support multiple languages). And I also expect there will be more than one iteration.
But right now I’m just trying to get to a proof of concept stage.

Ok, so I built out 50 of the 65 questions I saw, and if your storing them in the user dedicated row, your submit button just needs to link to the same answer page and change title. The previous data will remain in the row. When your done, with every single question then a real submit button creates a row with all the answers on the other page, then it clears these, then go to home page or whatever page you want it to go to.

Are you suggesting that I skip the user-specific columns for temporary storage and just write directly to the sheet?

I’d have to think about this… and I’m not sure that it gets any closer to solving my original problem, which boils down to “how do I reset all the choice components and send the user back to the top of the screen?”

The original solution that you gave me did solve that problem. It’s just that because of the way Glide behaved (race conditions, actions tripping over each other, whatever…), it resulted in a poor user experience.

I know that a very simple solution to this is just to bite the bullet and perform the two steps on two separate screens. I originally tried to avoid that as it seemed like unnecessary duplication of effort - and I felt that there should have been a more elegant way to do it. Maybe there isn’t… yet

Here you go. From what I could see I recreated your assessment and perfomed the actions you needed as well as created every relationship between the sheets that you will need to pull any of that data sir :slight_smile:

You will of course have to change those images, but I just needed some sort of place holder.


U will need to turn on logins for users, or create users, however you were going to do that. I didn’t see the signup page so I figured leave that to you.



yeah, the main problem I see with that is that it doesn’t reset the choices after the first pass.
So, for example, if I just select a couple and then submit, I see something like this on the 2nd page:

The 2nd page should appear in a “pristine” state, with all choices cleared.

They are…I just didnt write those choices out. I got as far as #66 of your questions and stop filling them out. Look at the sheets, I just didnt add those choices just yet or they would be pristine untouched.

Okay, I’ll have a closer look.

Thats why I asked for a copy of your sheets so I could enter all the data for you. But i used screenshots to get the 66 i have listed…

Unless I’m missing something, all you are doing there is linking back to the same sheet.
Which is precisely what I’ve been trying to avoid this whole time :rofl:

But why? That’s the best and cleanest way to do it and you save steps.

Basically because I’m lazy, and I hate duplication of effort.
Remember - the exact same set of 66 choices appears for both stages.
So if I do it it the ‘link to screen’ way, I need to configure all of those twice.
That’s an awful lot of clicks.
But of course, I could have done it a dozen times over by now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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