How to link floating button to home screen

I have 4 screen and home screen, to 1 screen i have added a floating button, I want to link that button to Home screen. Any suggestion or help Thx

If you are in the hamburger menu you may want to try a go back action followed by a go to tab. If in a regular tab you could probably just use go to tab.

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I followed the steps as show in the video below, Why the button not working, Whats going wrong.


You’re trying to go to the same tab, which you are already on. I think a Go Back action would work better in this case.

You can also try using two Go To Tab actions together in a custom action. Double tapping a tab icon usually takes you to the top level of that tab.


Is there any action which can go to particular scene. I tried with Go back it works, But as i enter inside more scene then go back will not work. Any suggestion. Thx

Start with a custom action and use as many go back actions as it takes to return you to the top layer.

Any video tutorial how it works plz. Thx

Instead of choosing a single action from the list choose ‘Create new action…’

Inside the action editor choose go back. Next add a second action below by pressing the blue + sign at the bottom of the go back action and choose another go back again. Add as many as needed.

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I don’t think this works…I think you just have to use a series of go back actions.

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