How can i add a menu / home button

Thanks for the Glide. Im just a beginner and 1st question heree. How can i add a Home / Menu button on every page instead of Home Page. When browse my pages for example Menu → Date → Date Page (30 pages)-> Page1. When i enter the Date, Date page and Page1, In that way there is no direct button to skip other than going the back button. So i want to have a Home / Menu button on every page so that i can directly skip or jump to menu instead of going hitting back back all the way. So how can i have a back button on all the pages. Any suggestion. Thanks

The way I dealt with this in one of my apps was to add a floating button with a series of “Go Back” actions…

Can you plz let me know in detail how the steps work. Im just a beginner and sorry do not have much knowledge how the menu or where the menu are and how they work. So can you plz guide me. Thanks

Let’s assume you are 5 levels deep, and getting back to the home screen would normally mean tapping the “Back” at the top-left 5 times…

  • Add a Floating Button to that screen
  • For the Button Action, choose “Create New Action…”
  • This will open up the action editing screen. Now it’s just a matter of stringing 5 “Go Back” actions together like the example I gave you above
  • Save that and you’re good to go.

Also see…

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It also helps if you have tabs showing at the bottom of the screen. (Meaning you have more than one tab.) Then you can simply tap or double tap on the tab button and it will take you back to the top level of that tab.

Thanks for the link. In the link why the view is different.

This is the link view. Why there is difference. Any settings

The Glide builder layout was updated a few months ago, and not all of the documents and video guides have been updated yet to reflect the new layout.

You’ll find the button (and all component) action settings in the panel on the right hand side of the builder.

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Can i change the position from right side to left side of the icon

You mean the position of the button on the screen?
No, not natively with Glide controls.
But it is possible with CSS. However this is a somewhat advanced technique that isn’t officially supported or recommended by Glide. If you’re new to Glide, then I’d recommend spending a bit of time learning the basics first.

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Try this in rich text`
home buton
Screenshot (6)

.fab-target >:nth-child(1) {

position: fixed;

width: 55px;
height: 35px;
border-radius: 3px;
margin-top:calc(-150% - 60px);
margin-left:calc(1% - 50px);

play color,size,move ,rounded
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