Go To "Top of Screen" navigation option in an Action similar to "Go Back"

I often have a ‘collection/list’ of items to select from. These can be very long.

When a user ‘selects’ an item a I do a set-col-val of the item’s ID to save the selection.

I then want to return to the top of the screen (where the ‘accept’ button is)

The feature request: add a navigation feature to “Go To Top of Screen”

PS. If this already exists with other techniques that would work!

A trick we used to use with Classic Apps was to have two identical Inline Lists with opposite visibility conditions, and then toggle a User Specific Boolean column to switch between the two. Every time you switched, you would be sent to the top of the list. I’ve not tried this with Collections, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work :man_shrugging:

I used / still use your technique. :+1:

In this case it didn’t work hence the query.

I do a simple (is empty) (is not empty) on the variable I am setting and it toggles between the lists perfectly in the builder; it just doesn’t go back to the top of the list/collection.

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Still need that vote Darren!

haha, okay :stuck_out_tongue: