Back arrow sends to top on Inline List


In the New App version when I click into an inline list to view details of that item, then hit the back arrow, I am sent back to the top of the list.

But in the previous Classic App version when clicking the back arrow it would go back to the same spot I left off in the list.

Can this function be returned to the New App version as we’ve received many complaints from users.


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When navigating to the detail screen, if you set the target to ‘Current’ or ‘Main’, then the back arrow will bring the user back to the top of the screen. I think this is because the detail screen replaces the top screen and the back arrow reloads the top screens thus bringing the user back to the top.

If however you set the target to ‘Overlay’ or ‘Slide In’, then closing the overlay or slide-in will leave the user at the same spot on the top screen. I think this is because the overlay or slide-in sit atop the top screen without replacing it, so the user is not navigating back to the top screen but simply closing the overlay or slide-in.

Just to clarify this is not a back button, it’s just the back arrow on the top left. I’m not sure it you can set the target for it?
This never occurred in the Classic App version, they forget to carry this function over to the New App version.

Have you tried changing the target screen when setting up the ‘Show Detail Screen’ action? I would try ‘Overlay’ or ‘Slide In’.


I’m also interested to see if there’s a better solution than setting the target on “overlay” or “slide in”. The slide in/overlay layout is not adapted in certain case.
I would like my users to “show detail screen” of “this item” as a full screen page and then get back to the list on the previously selected items, not on top. So users don’t have to scroll again all the list.

For me it’s a normal behavior when you have a list on a screen…


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