Send trigger error

Every time i test my trigger for email it has and error message. Here is my image of what i have what am i doing wrong and even when its flipped from
play sound and send email it doesn’t work. i tried many ways.
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Where does the Submitter email come from?

You mentioned an error message - what does it say?

My guess would be that Row Owners are coming in to play somewhere, causing the Submitter email to be empty.

Submitter email is the email the seller use when entering their data. The error message just reads error when I run the app

What plan are you on? Email only works on pro plans and above

No way since when !?? That’s bogus because it was working before

Use Google script for email

Use Google script for email. It is free and fast.

Yea but I don’t know how to plug it together…

Not sure since when but as far as I know free and basic plans do not include email support. The compose email action is available, but not send email