Send email to multiple recipients using Make web hook

Has anyone had success using Make to send an email to multiple email addresses? I have created a scenario in which sending an email from gmail through Glide using a webhook works fine, as long at the field contains one email address. But when the field has multiple comma separated addresses, it fails.

Anyone had success with this?

I haven’t tried in Glide but in Make you should be able to do that with the iterator module

You should know… That the Easiest… Fastest… Cheapest… way to send emails… Is… Google Scripts :wink:

I have tried without success. Might be a little over my head. I can’t figure out how to get the iterrator to parse the data, which comes in as “email1@email.Com, email2@email.Com”.

Use something like: split(your variable;,)


Thanks. I’ll try that.

Thanks @ThinhDinh. That worked!


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