Send array to Make

I have a joined list with email addresses of several clients.
My intention is to send this list to Make (Webhook), use an Iterator and send to each of the clients an email.
Iterator need an array, and I don’t know how to solve this :frowning:

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You can send over a list of comma-delimited emails, and then use a split function to iterate and send the emails. Something like this.

Then put the “value” in each iterator as the “receiver email” in the email module.

However, you can also consider this approach, which uses only 1 email module “run”, compared to X “runs” with X being the number of emails in your list.



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I would recommend using a webhook inside the Google apps script, which includes a split function first and post-split the email being sent to the respective user. If you need help in making a webhook using an apps script, I can help you with that.

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Thank you :+1: