Sending multiple attendees to google calendar via make

How to send multiple attendees to google calendar via Make ?

I already know how to use webhook and i have successfully sent invitation if it’s only one attendee, the problem is i need to send Array to for them to iterate the arrays.

From what i know, glide’s webhook does not support ARRAY.

So how do i send array from glide table to ?

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What I normally do is send a JSON collection from Glide, and then use a Parse JSON module followed by an Iterator on the Make side.

Here is a short video that shows you how to construct a JSON payload using Glide computed columns:

A nice tool for easily defining a JSON structure is ObjGen - Live Code Generation for the Web

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hmmm… if send that to webhook → it will be in “String” type yeah ? i need it to be in “Array” type so google calendar can iterate.

if you take a look at my screenshot, there is a “map” function on google calendar integration which only accepts Array as a value.


It will be a JSON object that contains a collection (array). The Parse JSON module is used to unpack the object and extract the array. The method I use is to then pass the array through an Iterator. It might be possible to pass the array straight through and use that map method. I don’t know, I’ve never tried that. But I do know that my method works, as I use it all the time.

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noted, will try your solution and come back