Glide to Email Integration

Hey Guys, currently I am making a Glide application that needs to have an email notification feature that connects to Microsoft Outlook. So a brief explanation of my current implementation is that I have a form that has a message, file name, and multiple files.

Once the form is submitted, the action triggers a webhook connected to the implementation.

Glide Action Implementation

After the webhook is triggered, it then sends out the message, file name, and files. What I am trying to achieve is how to attach multiple files to the attachment field in the Microsoft Outlook module of

An error stating that “Array of objects expected in parameter ‘attachments’.” seems to show. The Files received from Glide are of type array and I was wondering if there is a way to map through the different files that were uploaded in Glide.

You can use an Iterator module to process the items in the array one by one.
But what you need to be aware of is that the array will contain links to the files rather than the actual files. If you want to send the actual files as attachments, you will need a separate step using a HTTP module to download each one.

Hey Darren,

Thank you for the reply. I tried placing an iterator in between my current implementation and it seems to create 3 separate emails. What I would like to do is that I would like to iterate through the 3 file links and place it on only one email.

Use an aggregator module in between the Iterator and the Email module.

Here’s my setup from a while ago.

  • Iterator: Iterate through list of attachments
  • HTTP: download file
  • Aggregator looks like this.

  • Email:


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Hi ThinhDinh,

I tried doing your setup and it worked! I was just wondering if there is a way to keep the original filename of the attachments.

Actual Email


Does it not give you the “file name” option shown here?

There is a File Name, but for some reason, all the files are named “file” + their extension. Here is my current implementation:



Array Aggregator


Can you show me a sample of your files array. If Glide is sending it over as file.jpeg I doubt we can do anything with that, but I don’t think that’s the case.

So the Files array would be from the Files type column.


Here is the Files array I get from Glide.

Files Array

Its only value right now would be a text, but I uploaded multiple files.

Files Content Data Type

Can you peek into the data and check if it’s a comma-delimited list of files? I would have expected it to have multiple elements if it’s an array.

So in my current email, I placed the Files array to see its contents.

Email Template

Here is the actual data result found in the email:

Array in Email

You don’t need to place it like that, you can click on the “1” bubble over the module once an execution has finished, click the download button and view it either from input/output sections.

So it seems like Glide is sending over a comma-delimited list. In your iterator, use split(Array[1];,) to see if it makes a difference.

So I clicked on the “1” bubble over the module and here are the results:

Glide Module


HTTP pt.1

HTTP pt.2

Array Aggregator Output

I think this might help your case.