PDF of glide a make (with the original name of the PDF)

Can someone help me find a solution to send pdf files.
So I have already managed to send pdfs from glide to make and then send them by gmail from make, however the file sent by email is named file.pdf
how can I keep the original file name stored in glide and send it with it.
Thanks for your help

There should be an option for you to specify the file name in the email module.


Can you show us how you’re configuring it?

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Thank you for your response, yes but I have several PDFs sent at the same time

Hello everyone
I have a small problem after downloading the pdf files with webhooks and after getting a file. the file names all have the same names (file.pdf)

They are sent later by gmail and they all have the same name (file.pdf)
Can someone give me a solution to rename them with their initial name?

Sorry I’m posting this problem here because I can’t post a post in make

In the array aggregator module under aggregated fields is there a field that has the file name?

you want to talk about that

Is there another array aggregator in the beginning

this one

You are taking the file name from the http module… but maybe you should be taking the file name from the iterator [27]

I don’t know which one I should take because it doesn’t show me the name of the pdf file.

I think it’s 27.value but that’s the entire URL.

There’s probably a way to clean that up in make but I’m not sure how.

I’m gonna fiddle around with it and get back to you

I see what you mean… when you change the target structure to “Attachments” the array aggregator no longer has the file name. I’ll have to think about it

FYI make does have a community

Thanks for your help. in make for a week. I have this message.

I can’t post my problem

Have you tried doing this?

Iterator to iterate through your list of files.

HTTP module to download the file.

Array aggregator to aggregate the downloaded files and name them. I’m thinking of using functions to give them a proper name from the URL.

Map the array to the attachments in Make.

A different thing I might have done here is I was sending a JSON structure over to Make, which includes the title of the “file”, so that makes my work easier.


It works wonderfully I used the replace and substring functions to rename the file from url.

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