🤑 Sell your apps in the Template Store

I’m in the UK and we had to be patient when Stripe first rolled out, even though it was developed by two fellow Europeans :wink:

Another solution would be to offer free apps, and then make your money on support plans using your payment processor of choice.

They can contact you via the dashboard, as is the case for all templates downloaded from the store.

You could also add your contact details to the app.

There was quite an interesting comment from @david earlier in this thread; I’ve emphasised the important bit…

People who copy templates usually do not know CSS, and have no idea about Google Scripts (they also usually don’t know how to use Glide, either)

The bottom line is: if you want to make money you will find a way to do so. E-commerce is a bit like water; you just need to find a way to make the money flow to you.


That’s a very interesting idea.
Are the Glide T&C aligned with such a business model? somewhat of a freemium.

OK, so I might have been overly optimistic here :frowning:
The “buy” button is also exclusively linked to Stipe, so I’m back to square one (or should I say square zero, as in no-go). I was hoping (silly me) that the buy button can connect to other payment processors.

When you say the “buy” button are you referring to the in-app purchases in Glide?

You wouldn’t be able to sell your service plans via the Glide app, instead you would conduct that off-app in your own website, and one that supports payments such as WordPress (with the Woo plugin), or Squarespace maybe, or even something cheaper & leaner like the Pro version of this:


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Yes, I was referring to the in-app button.
Carrd is great and indeed they offer a very easy solution. However, the actual purchase process is actually the easier part (assuming we go off-Glide). The challenge will be the actual data. What I mean is that I cannot use the same app for multiple users, due to cross-contamination of data. This it true even if we assume I’ll use the Row Owner function. Even if we assume that Row Owner solved it, we’re still create a huge data base which will quickly become problematic.
The other option is to setup one app per client (business), but this will generate a $30/month fee (plus extra fees per user). This is challenging because these $40/month will be my estimate for the user monthly fee.
This all brings us back a full circle back to Templates and my inability to get paid for them :frowning:

I see, well maybe Glide isn’t the best platform for your needs in this case. There might be other solutions that offer a better fit.

Yeah, I tried most of them I think. Glide takes the podium its ease of use and wonderful UX.
In an perfect world, Google’s own AppSheet would be the natural choice for apps based on Google Sheets. Sadly, as we all know, AppSheet is one of the more complicated systems out there.
Any ideas for a platform similar to Glide?

Have a look at Adalo and maybe Bubble.

Stripe Atlas, whilst expensive and ongoing, is looking like it might offer you a route in to making money with Glide. Though you would need to research this fully.

Not sure how many web businesses you run or own but they could all go through the same company and bank account.

We don’t offer more than Stripe right now because we don’t have time to build it. There are a lot of things we wish we could do, but we have to prioritize.

I estimate it would cost us at least $60k to support another payment processor for templates. It’s not like we can just turn another one on with a switch.

Also, the experience for people purchasing templates would be pretty annoying if they had to use different payment gateways depending on where the template author lives. Right now they just use their payment info on file and do not have to enter anything when they purchase, since Glide subscriptions also use Stripe.


I think this should be a pinned post somewhere on this forum because this query has been raised a lot of times and this response makes perfect sense and I can’t imagine anyone going further with queries after seeing this response.